Our Nutritionist Approved Top 5 Healthy Snacks

by Elora Harre
When it comes to eating healthy, we all know that being organised is the key to success. This includes planning your snacks! Healthy snack options need to be easy to access and ready to go when you are on the move. They need to be portable and temperate stable so you can take them anywhere, at any time. Snacks also need to be filling and keep your blood sugars stable so you aren’t hungry 20 minutes later!

Here are our Nutritionist Approved Top 5 Healthy Snacks:

  1. Trail Mix

  2. Nut Butters

  3. Macadamia Nuts

  4. Paleo or Keto Muffins

  5. Coconut Chips

Trail Mix 

Get an empty glass jar and make your own trail mix. Purchase a selection of raw nuts, seeds, and a little bit of dried fruit and over 70% dark chocolate. Mix these together in a jar and store ready to go! If you have time, dry roast the nuts and seeds in the oven first and allow to cool before mixing. Our favourite mix includes almonds, cashews, pumpkin seeds, apricots and a handful of our N&T super tasty chocolate chips.

Nut Butters

There are so many nut butters available on the market these days. We love the locally made brand Forty Thieves! Have a jar of nut butter and a spoon in your car or office fridge for a no excuses healthy snack. Our favourite options are Almond Butter and Salted Macadamia Butter with Maple & Vanilla.

Macadamia Nuts

Macadamia nuts have the highest fat content of all nuts and therefore are amazingly filling. A small 50g serving will help keep for full for a few hours and since they are also super tasty, you will feel like you are treating yourself too! Our favourite macadamia nuts are these NZ grown organic, golden roasted and salted ones.

Paleo or Keto Muffins

We all love having a muffin now and again, so when you do - make sure it’s a homemade healthy one. Our Nourish & Thrive baking mixes are so quick to make, the oven won’t be heated in time! Make a batch in advance and freeze them so you can grab one when you leave in the morning. Made with nut and seed flours, these muffins will not only taste great but they will keep you full. Our favourites are the Keto Chocolate Cake and Muffins mix or the Base Cake and Muffin mix, made into blueberry muffins.


Coconut Chips

A super quick and satisfying snack is Organic Coconut Chips. These little gems are great to grab on the go, or snack on whilst sitting at your desk. If you eat them raw the are almost chewing and the flavour is amazing. You could also add these to your nut and seed trail mix too! 

High in healthy fats they will keep you full and also help improve your digestion.

Good health relies on you being consistent with your healthy lifestyle practices. We recommend you choose a couple of snack options each week and have them ready to go. Invest time and money in being organised because if you don’t, the cafe close to school or work will cost you more in both money and health.

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