Keto Chocolate Cupcakes w/ Keto Buttercream Frosting (GF, DF Option, RSF, Paleo, Keto)

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We've been working hard here at Nourish & Thrive! We're ambitious to create foods and recipes that work for everyone's lifestyle, and we have built an incredible range of products that do just that.

The latest craze sweeping the world is the Keto Diet, and we're all for it! Want to learn more about Keto? Check out this link here.

Finding delicious treats that fit into your daily macros can be hard, especially when you're trying to keep it as clean as possible. That's why we've launched our brand new Keto Chocolate Cake Mix! Decadent and fudgy, this cake mix comes in at just 3g Net Carbs per serve!

We thought we would showcase just how versatile and delicious it is, by making it into cupcakes and topping it with a keto chocolate buttercream that's only an additional 0.6g net carbs per serve.

Nutrition Per Serve (12 serves): 26g Fat / 4.9g Protein / 8.4g total carb / 3g net carbs


Keto Cupcakes

You'll need:

1 single packet of Nourish & Thrive Keto Chocolate Cake Mix
4 eggs, at room temperature
4 tbsp coconut cream, at room temperature
120ml coconut oil, melted
1 tsp instant coffee - optional

Prepare the Keto Chocolate Cake Mix as per the instructions, and disperse evenly into a lined muffin tray with 12 muffins. Bake for 12-14 minutes. The less time in the oven, the fudgier they'll be. It doesn't matter if they collapse slightly as this will contribute to the fudge factor! Ensure once you remove them to cool, you allow them to sit for at least 30 minutes in their pan before removing. Allow to cool completely before frosting.

Keto Buttercream

You'll need:

1 cup butter, at room temperature OR Organic Sustainable Palm Shortening for dairy free (such as this one here)
1.5 cups Nourish & Thrive Powdered Erythritol
1/3 cup Cocoa Powder (unsweetened)
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/3 cup coconut cream, at room temperature

Place butter or shortening in your stand mixer and using the whisk attachment, whip until light and fluffy (around 4-5 minutes). You can also do this using an electric beater. Add your powdered erythritol gradually, and with the last amount, add your cocoa too. Whisk on medium-high until well combined. Add your coconut cream and whisk once more. Finally add your vanilla and whisk until fully combined. Your buttercream is now ready to be piped or spread onto your keto cupcakes.

Enjoy the guilt free taste sensation - YUM!


  • Tima

    So… you sell this mix in 600g and 2kg packets, but the recipe says 1 packet of? So how much is in 1pkt?

  • Elora Harre

    Hi Tima, as per the recipe it calls for a single cake mix – which is the 400g Keto Cake Mix we have linked in the recipe ?

  • Bronwyn Lewis

    Just checking the 1.5 cups of erythritol in the butter cream. Seems a lot, is that correct?

  • Elora Harre

    Yes! This is correct. Otherwise the mixture tends to split so it needs it for structure. We did try to reduce it as much as possible!

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