Wild Virgin Coconut Oil 1kg

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Virgin coconut oil is simply coconut oil that has the full coconut taste. It has not had any processing to remove the flavour.
Within this category there is quite a variation in methods used to extract the oil from the coconuts, which can give you different flavours.
Traditionally, Pacific Islanders tended to use a wet fermentation process to extract oil. This is still popular today in the Islands and allows people to prepare coconut oil at home.
Another common extraction method is dry-roasting and mechanical pressing. This creates a ‘toasted coconut’ flavour, which is delicious! Low heat is used to dry the coconut flesh, but the extraction of the oil is by ‘cold-pressing’.
A more modern method of oil extraction is direct micro- expelling, or DME. This process provides good quality oil and can be done with minimal heat. Unfortunately it requires specialist machinery, which is prohibitively expensive for many communities.

We pack a wide range of natural food products in our designated packing room including nuts, seeds and coconut products. Some of our products are packed on shared equipment before they come to us which may contain gluten, dairy, soy or peanuts. While we do our best to avoid any kind of cross-contamination, this can sometimes occur before products make their way to us and therefore any of our products may contain trace amounts of nuts and gluten.

6 reviews for Wild Virgin Coconut Oil 1kg

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    A regular purchase, love this one and use it all the time.

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