Our Packaging

Here at Nourish & Thrive, we believe that good food services your whole life. When you nourish well, you feel well. And when you feel well, you thrive. We have always wanted to provide this at no extra cost to our planet, especially our beautiful, green New Zealand. That’s why you won’t find us using any plastic packaging!
We have gone out of our way to ensure our packaging meets our strict standards. Not only do we not use any plastic in our packaging, but we’ve made sure it’s as natural as possible too!
The majority of our products are packaged in biodegradable and home compostable brown paper bags. However due to the high oil content in some products, such as cocoa butter and cacao powder, some products do need to be packaged in cellulose; this is also biodegradable and home compostable too. We use custom made 100% cellulose bags, which may look like plastic – but we promise they’re 100% plant powered!
Either of these can go in your green bin, and if your brown bags are completely clean, they can also go in your recycling bin too. We expect that once you receive your Nourish & Thrive goodies you will transfer them into your own airtight storage, such as glass jars, at home.
The cartons we send in are biodegradable brown cardboard and we try to recycle packing products from our suppliers deliveries too.
Since we are trying to reduce excess paper, your orders will not contain a packing slip or physical receipt.
We’re committed to helping reduce not only plastic, but waste as a whole.
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We are committed to our uncompromising values to ensure we look after our people and the planet.
Please note: We do have some specialty items that do come in plastic, however we are working with suppliers to hopefully change these to become plastic free!