Our Values

Here at Nourish & Thrive, we believe that good food services your whole life. When you nourish well, you feel well. And when you feel well, you thrive.

We have gone out of our way to ensure we find the best whole food products for you. Our products go through a strict 3 step check to ensure not only are we getting you the best product for your money, but that it actually tastes good too!

Step 1: Values Check

We don’t consider anything that isn’t a quality or sustainable product. Sustainability is mindful consumption and conservation ensuring that we can all enjoy the benefits of a healthy way of life and planet for years to come. It has to meet our standards of quality and sustainability before we put it up for sale.

Step 2: Nutritionist Approval

Sara Evans is a behavioural nutritionist as well as co-founder of Nourish & Thrive. Everything sold on our website gets Sara’s tick of approval, and it wouldn’t make it onto the website without it! Our entire website is gluten free and dairy free, meaning that most of our products not only are allergy friendly (except for nuts!) but we suit those who follow both paleo and vegan ways of life. 

Step 3: Taste Test

If it doesn’t taste good, it doesn’t make the cut. Simple as that! We taste everything to make sure that above all else, it’s delicious.

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We are committed to our uncompromising values to ensure we look after our people and the planet.