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So what does a member get that everyday account doesn’t? Simply put, our membership gives you access to the lowest prices available. Our everyday account still has a few savings compared to elsewhere, but they’re nothing compared to our premium membership prices! You’ll pay an annual fee of $49 each year – and that’s it! With the savings you’ll make on our products, we estimate that your membership will have paid itself off over your first two orders if you’re a family, or three orders if you’re a single or couple.

What are the savings like? For example, Cocoa Butter is $35 per kg on our everyday account but it’s only $29 as a member. Erythritol 1kg is $20 for everyday members but only $15 for members. And organic Cashew nuts, $45 a kg for our everyday members but an ultra low $38 per kg for Nourish & Thrive! Please note, membership payment can only be paid using credit or debit card.

We’ve calculated the below on a Individual/Couple Standard Order. Please note, our Individual/Couple Standard Order is based on regular 6 weekly orders.

An order geared towards singles or couples – contains a few luxury specialty items as well as baking goodies!

Why become a member?
SAVINGS BY BEING A MEMBER (versus non member everyday account): $158.20 a year over 8 orders.
These savings are also inclusive of the price of our $49 membership fee deducted.

1kg Almond Meal (non organic), 500g Almond Butter, 1kg Almonds (organic), 1kg Buckwheat Flour (organic), 250ml Coconut Aminos (organic), 250ml Maple Syrup, 1kg Wild Coconut Oil, 500g Cacao Powder (organic), 1kg Erythritol, 100g Garlic Powder (non organic), 100g Smoked Paprika (non organic), 500g Cashews (organic), 1kg Coconut Sugar (organic).

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