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Nourish and Thrive offers a range of delicious and highly nutritious chocolate products for New Zealand consumers. Many of our products are perfect for baking, including chocolate chips sourced from Belgium, made from sustainable cocoa beans from East Africa. We sell gluten free chocolateketo chocolate, and low carb chocolate to people who want the very best. We also sell pure cocoa powder and tasty chocolate snacks for those who want to enjoy chocolate without guilt.


Chocolate is everywhere in modern life, from cakes and muffins to confectionery and ice cream. However, commercial products are often unhealthy, with preservatives, additives, and excessive sugar content compromising the very nature of the chocolate experience. Luckily, there is a better way to explore the delicious world of chocolate with healthy home-cooked foods.

Our online store is growing — multiple chocolate items are available, and more products are coming all the time. We can help you produce delicious meals and snacks from your home, combining great cooking and baking products with friendly nutritional advice. To help serve our customers and inspire the world, Nourish and Thrive is committed to healthy foods and sustainable production practices.

Benefits of Nourish and Thrive

Nourish and Thrive is the leading premium online wholefood store in New Zealand. We love providing great food for the local community and believe in helping people to grow, prosper, and flourish with the power of nutrition. Our business is sustainable, our products are affordable, and we are 100% focused on quality ingredients with minimal environmental impact.

Nourish and Thrive is owned and operated by a local family of passionate people committed to the purity of New Zealand. Our business has grown over time, driven by our knowledge of nutrition and our love for tasty natural foods. We believe the best ingredients do more than provide sustenance — they delight the senses and nourish the soul. Truly healthy food is also great for the planet, with our team dedicated to biodegradable packaging and sustainable production practices. 

At Nourish and Thrive, we provide a wide array of health food products for our beloved customers. Our ingredients have been designed for all diets and taste preferences, with organicketo, paleo, and dairy-free options all available. We also sell a range of gluten-freesugar-free, and low GI products, including delicious gluten free chocolate

Nourish and Thrive is proud to promote sustainable food culture in New Zealand, and we look forward to welcoming new customers as we all discover a healthier and more sustainable way to live. Please contact our team if you have any questions, or make an order today for the best wholefoods in New Zealand.

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