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What is paleo?
In an attempt to mimic what paleolithic humans ate thousands of years ago, paleo is modelled on a hunter-gatherer diet which encourages the consumption of whole foods. Paleo foods are thought to be any foods which were accessible to humans before farming existed as some believe the human body has not properly adapted to tolerate the processed foods brought about by farming like dairy, grains and legumes. This potential genetic mismatch and rapid change in diet may be contributing to obesity rates, diabetes and heart disease as the body fails to keep up.


Our paleo products
To help you on your whole food journey, we have created an impressive range of paleo products that aim to promote a diet free from preservatives, sugar, dairy, grains and processed foods.

Got a sweet tooth but you’re on paleo? Discover healthy, delicious alternatives to all your favourites and plenty of paleo snacks like our scrumptious hot cross buns, grain-free muesli and maple syrup. You can still enjoy baking yummy treats too with our range of decadent paleo chocolate cake mixes and paleo cookies, or if you prefer whipping up something from scratch but need a natural sugar replacement, try our best selling, pure maple syrup.

Health first
At Nourish and Thrive, we believe that any diet should cater to your personal nutritional needs and be researched beforehand. It’s also impossible to be entirely sure of what our ancestors ate as their diet would have varied depending on their location and what was available. So, if you want to eat a diet of paleo foods, we recommend thinking of it as a loose template rather than a strict set of rules.

Our role
As a local, family based business that’s passionate about helping others live better by eating better, when you shop at Nourish and Thrive, you know the food that you’re buying is good for your body. Co-founded by a qualified nutritionist, we pride ourselves on our knowledge of health and you can trust that every item we stock has been approved by a professional.

Even better, our packaging is almost entirely plastic free, home compostable and is intended to break down easily over time. To look and feel your best, explore our entire range today and get premium whole foods delivered straight to your door.

118 products
Organic Keto Cracker Mix 230g
Keto Chocolate Cake & Muffin Mix
from $13.00
from $12.99
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Maple Syrup
Organic Double Chocolate Brownie Bite Mix 330g
Blanched Almond Flour
from $26.00
Keto Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix
Keto Baking Mix Pack
2-n-1 Keto Bread Roll & Pizza Base Mix
Deluxe Chocolate Cake & Muffin Mix
from $12.00
Coconut Oil 1kg
Sold Out
Organic Coconut Aminos 250ml
Organic Double Chocolate Brownie Bite Mix - Double Pack 660g
Cocoa Butter
from $18.00
Powdered Erythritol 500g
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Organic Coconut Butter 200g
Paleo Bread Loaf Mix 340g
Paleo Bread Loaf Mix 680g - Double Pack
Almost Organic Chocolate Chip Cookies Mix
from $13.00
70% Dark Chocolate Chips (Dairy Free)
from $11.79
Keto Base Cake & Muffin Mix
Deluxe Base Cake & Muffin Mix
from $13.00
75% Organic Grain Free Muesli
from $17.50
Keto Grain Free Muesli
Dried Yeast
Xanthan Gum 150g
Organic Dried Apricots (Sulphite Free) 500g
Raw Cashew Pieces 1kg
Organic Sunflower Seeds 1kg
Organic Garlic Powder 100g
Organic Brazil Nuts
from $22.00
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Organic Cranberries (Apple Juice Sweetened)
Almond Butter 500g
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Organic Onion Powder 100g
Sold Out
from $13.99
Organic Pumpkin Seeds 500g
Organic Coconut Flour
Organic Chia Seeds
from $14.00
Everything Bagel Seasoning
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Organic Ceylon Cinnamon
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