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*please note, DF stands for Naturally Dairy Free and GF stands for Naturally Gluten Free.

The majority of our products are packaged in biodegradable and home compostable brown paper bags. However due to the high oil content in some products, such as cocoa butter and cacao powder, some products do need to be packaged in 100% cellulose; this is also biodegradable and home compostable too. Our new Keto range of baking mixes come in cardboard boxes that use soy based inks, these are recyclable, biodegradable and home compostable. The brown bags and boxes can go in your green bin, and if your brown bags are completely clean, they can also go in your recycling bin too. We expect that once you receive your Nourish & Thrive goodies you will transfer them into your own airtight storage, such as glass jars, at home.

The cartons we send in are biodegradable brown cardboard and we try to recycle packing products from our suppliers deliveries too.

Since we are trying to reduce excess paper, your orders will not contain a packing slip or physical receipt.

We’re committed to helping reduce not only plastic, but waste as a whole.

Definitely! We have a wide range of products at Nourish & Thrive to cater to all.

Allergen Disclaimer – We pack a wide range of natural food products in our packing room including nuts, seeds, spices and coconut products. While we do our best to avoid any kind of cross-contamination, this can sometimes occur. Some of our products are processed on shared equipment before they come to us therefore cross contamination can also happen before products make their way to us. This means our products may contains traces of gluten, dairy, soy or peanuts.

Gluten – We do not use any gluten containing products, therefore our products are naturally gluten free. However we are not able to 100% guarantee that there has been no cross contamination prior to them coming to us, therefore if you are allergic to gluten we recommend you email us to discuss this. If you have an allergy, please email us before purchasing at [email protected]

Dairy – We do not purchase or pack any dairy products on site. However cross contamination prior to the products coming to us must to be considered as a risk, if you are allergic to dairy products.

Tree Nuts – We have almonds and many other nuts onsite. We are not a nut free facility however but do offer a few select nut free baking mixes. However cross contamination at our facility and prior to the products coming to us must to be considered as a risk, if you are allergic to a tree nuts.

Peanuts – We do not pack peanuts on site. However cross contamination prior to the products coming to us must to be considered as a risk, if you are allergic to peanuts.

Sesame Seeds – We have sesame seeds on site and in a couple of our baking mixes. However cross contamination at our facility and prior to the products coming to us must to be considered as a risk, if you are allergic to a sesame.

Soy – There is Soy Lecithin in our chocolate chips. We do not have any other soy on site. However cross contamination at our facility and prior to the products coming to us must to be considered as a risk, if you are allergic to a soy.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact us! Allergies are hard enough without the added stress of spending hours looking for alternatives in different places. We’d love to make sure we stock everything you need so drop us a line!

Yes, we sure can! We ship nationwide throughout New Zealand, including both Stewart and Waiheke Islands. There is no additional charge on top of North Island shipping if you’re rural, however there is a small $3 fee for rural shipping within the South Island.

Unfortunately, at this stage we do not! We have looked into international shipping many times, but sadly the cost is simply too high.

We work with the largest organics supplier in New Zealand. Our supplier has rigorous protocols and standards their growers must adhere to, so rest assured that any product we get comes from a high quality, organic background.

In regards to products from China directly, our supplier has given us the following information:

“Our sourcing of commodities is solely based on the standard of organic certification, the quality of the commodity, the relationship we can form with the supplier, the standards and way they operate and the best area of the world to source a product from which often relates to the provenance of the commodity.

We do not exclude or include countries or regions of the world on any other basis. The largest source of criticism we have is around or sourcing from China and because of this we sometimes are able to offer a second source of supply usually at a higher cost.
So we have been told all sorts of things about China, it is heavily polluted, they use prison labour, you can buy any standard of organic certification you want for a price, their food standards are very poor and much more. We believe they are all true to a greater or lesser degree. However China is a very large country where there are all sorts of extremes and one doesn’t preclude the reverse from happening. Yes it is polluted but it is mostly where the heavy density of people are along the coast and the major river systems. There are vast areas to the north where it is less densely populated such as Inner Mongolia or the north eastern provinces of Liaoning northwards to Heilongjiang.

These are the areas that our food commodities come from. Assumptions are made about the Chinese food regulations which may be true in some cases but are not applicable for all of China. There is a river system in the north east provinces that the communist party dictated when they came to power in 1949 should be free of all toxins as they wanted to use it as part of the water supply for Beijing. The farmers had to adapt the farming methods to the political order and find new ways of doing things. 30 to 40 years later Westerners arrived and told them they were farming organically. This is the area we have bought our peanuts, adzuki and mung beans from. They have been organic for a long time and their farmers are among the early organic farming adopters in the world. When we visited their farm, actually a large co-operative, we were shown how they worked with nature. One of the main pests is a caterpillar and to control the infestation of caterpillars they looked to its natural predator which is a wasp. The eggs of the wasp they store on small squares of paper in a freezer. They know the life cycle of the caterpillar and at the appropriate time they bring the eggs out of the freezer and place the small squares of paper around the fields. The eggs warm and hatch and the wasp emerges and goes in search of caterpillars. We understood they have been doing this since the early 1950’s which would put them at the forefront of finding ways of working with pests organically.

Part of what lies here comes from not penetrating the culture of China or finding it foreign. The criticisms levelled against China could also be levelled at the USA. Why do we source from a country that heavily promotes genetic modification to the extent where some crops are becoming hard to source without modification, a country that is the home to chemical, industrialised and intensive farming, a country where the food standards and more importantly the food culture is so poor that food has little value, is heavily wasted and there are huge outbreaks of e Coli through the centralisation of food processing under little supervision and low enforcement of food regulations.

Our answer is the same we give for China.”

If you have changed credit cards, or need to alter your payment information in any way, this is simple to do. Simply log in to your Nourish & Thrive account, then select My Account from the navigation bar in the top right hand corner of your computer, or at the top of your screen from mobile.

Once in “My Account” simply click “My Membership” and then “Update Billing Info” – enter your details, and save. Remember we will never ask for your credit card details via email, so we always recommend doing this video your account on our website.

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