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Wholefood Baking Mixes. Naturally Gluten, Dairy & Refined Sugar Free. Paleo, Keto & Vegan Options.
Welcome to Nourish and Thrive! New Zealand’s premium online wholefood store with a focus on quality, sustainability and affordability. Our aim is to get you the best quality wholefoods at the best prices with minimal impact on our environment

We’re a local family based business built from a knowledge of health and a passion for helping others live better by eating better.

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Here at Nourish & Thrive, we believe that good food services your whole life. When you nourish well, you feel well. And when you feel well, you thrive.

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We are super excited to begin stocking a few of our Baking Mix range nationwide, to make accessing whole foods even easier!

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Organic Keto Cracker Mix
Maple Syrup
Keto Bread Loaf Mix
from $12.50
Keto Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix
from $13.50
MacBar Organic Dark Chocolate Macadamia Bar
Deluxe Base Cake & Muffin Mix
from $13.00
75% Organic Grain Free Muesli
from $17.50
Flaxbourne Bees Raw Wild Meadow Honey

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I am thoroughly satisfied with everything I have purchased from Nourish & Thrive. The baking mixes are top quality and taste delicious with the added bonus that they are guilt free without feeling like I am missing out on a treat. Their other products are also carefully sourced, delicious and really good quality.

Anastasia Simon

Excellent customer service as always. They always go above and beyond with their supplies and services. Super fast delivery and products always packed with the best of care.

Michelle De Villiers Smith

Perfect for those of us affected by food allergy’s or just want to be healthier! I know and can trust the mixes will be safe to eat for those with serious allergies and what a treat for those that usually miss out on some foods.

Celeste Nicol

Love the eco friendly packaging, super speedy delivery and top quality, tasty products.

Amy Jane

Thank you Nourish and Thrive. The prompt service and delivery The products are amazing and are inspiring me to start to investigating other ways I can look at sustainable packaging with other items I purchase. Well Done!

Jennifer McKinnel
Los Angeles, CA
About Nourish & Thrive

Good food should always be more than just delicious. As one of the leading online organic food stores in Auckland, we believe that healthy food and ingredients are the key to living well. Our namesake, Nourish & Thrive, is a symbol of our vision that everyone should have easy access to a health food store that can provide all things nutritional and wholesome. Our online health food shop is affordable and accessible to all, as we aim to make shopping for organic food as easy as pie.

Locally-Owned and Grown

When you buy from Nourish & Thrive, you can easily support local businesses from the comfort of your own homes. We’re a wholefood store built on family values. We support local farmers and food distributors as we buy in bulk so you can save more. This ensures that you can always get the best value and price on all your organic snacks and food

Approved by Nutritionists

When we say we believe that good food has to be delicious and nutritional, we mean every single word. Nourish & Thrive has our own in-house nutritionist and all our products go through an extensive vetting system. This is to ensure that everything we offer at our organic food store is up to our standards so we can offer only the best for all of our beloved customers.

Sustainable Packaging and Delivery

As an organic food store in NZ, we believe in approaching wholeness holistically. Our Organic products only use biodegradable and eco-friendly packaging which you can easily compost or recycle. We’ve worked with trusted logistics partners to enable delivery across all of New Zealand so whether you live in the North or the South Islands, you can always get your hands on nutritious organic foods.

Types of Products

Nourish & Thrive has an unbelievably huge range of organic products and wholefoods. From keto friendly ingrediants to organic baking kits. When you shop at our health food shop, you can prioritise your dietary needs. We carry products for all kinds of diets like keto, gluten-free, low GI, and more. Check out some of our best-sellers below!

Organic Foods

The easiest way to improve your diet and nutrition is by introducing organic whole foods into your meals and snacks. We have one of the largest selection of organic foods in Auckland, ranging from snacks, pantry ingredients, to baking kits and mixes . Our muesli mix, MacBar Organic Dark Chocolate Macadamia Bar, and Organic Coconut Aminos are some of our fan favourites.

Keto Foods

The gist of a keto diet is the low consumption of carbohydrates. At Nourish & Thrive, we have a wide selection of keto-friendly ingrediants without sacrificing nutrition and most importantly, taste. Our most popular keto products are our snacks and baking kits including the Organic Keto Cracker Mix, Keto Chocolate Cake & Muffin Mix, 2-in-1 Keto Bread Roll & Pizza Mix.

Gluten Free Foods

Even if you have a gluten-free diet, you still deserve all the delicious foods! Nourish & Thrive has gluten-free selection that can satisfy all your cravings. Most of our baking kits are gluten-free as well as keto-friendly. From Maple Syrup to decadent Chocolate Cake Mix, going gluten can be a breeze with Nourish & Thrive.

Aside from these diet types, we also have vegan, paleo, dairy-free, and nut-free food options. No matter what you’re craving for, Nourish & Thrive is the go-to health food shop for all things healthy at your fingertips. Paired with affordable prices, sustainable packaging, and country-wide delivery, eating healthy wholefoods has never been this easy.

Browse our organic and wholefoods catalogue now and have nutritious and delicious food delivered to your doorstep now!